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COVID-19: A shift for Zebra Lounge


Since the pandemic outbreak in November, COVID-19 has taken its toll on the world. From the South African economy on the verge of collapsing, to doomsday bulk shopping, and the worst, thousands of deaths across the world, this is one for the books and something humanity was not prepared for.

The impact of COVID-19

On a more personal level we have seen the changes happening amongst us, here in Secunda, Mpumalanga, as a result of corona (COVID-19). Hand sanitizer has become a luxury, schools are closed until Easter weekend, our favourite music festival was postponed to August (check out Misty Waters’ new date), the Cosmos Festival was cancelled, and just when Zebra Lounge thought they were immune, the government brings in a new regulation – all bars and restaurants that serve alcohol have to be closed by 18h00.

Zebra Lounge, known for only opening at 16h00, must now close 2 hours later… We respect the government’s decision and will follow any regulations in order to keep our employees, customers and community safe. However, when the government hands you lemons as a result of a pandemic, you start selling tequila at 10am.

With this new regulation put into place we would like to let everyone know that, for the time being, Zebra Lounge will be open from 9h00 until 18h00. If you are wondering “what does one do at a bar that early in the morning?” It is an easy answer, there’s more at Zebra Lounge than just alcohol. Come and put your feet up in our lovely lounge, enjoy a nice hot coffee and a cigarette or cigar indoors, as our days are growing colder while autumn approaches. We offer FREE WIFI, so if you are getting antsy from staying inside your house all day, bring your laptop and get some work done at Zebra’s.

If all of that has still not convinced you to spend your days at Zebra Lounge, maybe cards and board games will. Zebra Lounge has various board games, from Catan and Monopoly, to Rummikub and Uno. Bring all your friends and challenge them to a settlers journey.

We have to find ways to adjust to this temporary new way of life, and Zebra Lounge is doing the same by modifying trading hours and thinking of new and exciting ideas to keep our spirits lifted during these troubling times.

Wash your hands, stay safe and come to Zebra’s for a strong drink when you feel like life is overwhelming.

Lize van Niekerk

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Lize Van Niekerk is an easy going freelance content writer with a Ba Visual Communication and Masters in Fashion Merchandising. She is always pushing the boundaries of knowledge and experience; with writing experience in the USA and currently pursuing an MBA she adds some flair to all her written work.

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