Misty Waters

Misty Goes International

Misty Goes International

Misty Waters is going international!! We are so excited to release our third and final artist announcement for Misty Waters Music Festival 2020 that will take place at Lake Umuzi Waterfront in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

Kongos Misty Waters Music Festival

All the way from Phoenix, Arizona the KONGOS brothers – Johnny, Jesse, Dylan and Danny – will be visiting their dad in South Africa in April / May 2020 and we have the privilege to have them on the Misty Waters stage. Growing up in London and Johannesburg, these 4 brothers are no strangers to sunny South Africa.

After 9 years of searching for that first break, it finally came in 2011 when “I’m only joking” became a radio smash in South Africa, followed by multiple top 40 hits from their second album “Lunatic” and “Come With Me Now”.

Therefore, it is only fitting that KONGOS come to South Africa, and more specifically to Misty Waters at Lake Umuzi, to launch their new venture KONGOS BEER.

Safety First! Misty Waters

Next up, we have Safety First! combining different styles of genres and personal joy and agony. Safety First! has stumbled onto a uniquely quirky and uplifting sound that will make your foot stomp and heart skip a beat.

Die Wasgoedlyn Misty Waters Music Festival

Die Wasgoedlyn

It is the freshest thing that has hit South Africa’s music scene. It is an innovation to do nation-building through people that have a passion for creating and living out their talents. They are people that get a kick out of making music, just for the sake of creating, without boundaries, rules or genres keeping them inside a predetermined doctrinal box. On the Misty Water stage, we welcome Die Wasgoedlyn with Churchill Naude, Riku Lâtti and Jackie Lâtti.


Akkedis can be dubbed as the stepchildren of South African Rock ‘n Roll. The infamous Dennis-twins, Arthur and Rudolph, strummed their first chord at the age of 12, after being exposed to everyone from Neil Young to Bob Marley.

When Adrian John Graham joined the group, their sound progressed into the timeless rock sound South Africans have known and enjoyed for over two decades. African, Reggae, Blues, Rock, Folk, Zulu, Afrikaans, English, there’s nothing these boys can’t do.

Double Sun

Double Sun

A 5-piece psychedelic, post punk, blues, rock experience with experimental influences from Pretoria.

The Tazers

The Tazers

The Tazers are a psychedelic rock band from Johannesburg. They are a fan favourite in venues in Pretoria, Joburg and Cape Town. Their latest album, Plastic Kids, can take you on a journey through the night from mushroom top to mushroom top.

Stephen Jonathan

Stephen Jonathan is a South African musician and songwriter from Pretoria, who has been active in the music industry for twelve years. Although, he first became known for his incredible guitar skills, Stephen also proved himself as a formidable singer and writer early in his career.

This talented man has formed part of several successful bands/groups, including Stones & Gold (founder, singer, songwriter and guitarist), Jackvalve (guitarist and songwriter), Joshua na die Reën (acoustic guitarist) and Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses (rhythm and main guitarist), to name but a few.

Black Water

Black Water

Black Water is one of the south’s hottest and most entertaining emerging rock bands. Black Water’s sound is a combination of the old and the new, the heavy and the traditional, a mix of rock, southern influences and classic metal all wrapped up together!

Jackal & the wind

Jackal & the wind

Jackal and the Wind is an independent band from Stellenbosch, South Africa. The band has been gaining steady acclaim since its inception in 2013. The band’s whimsical name is reminiscent of the yearning of the jackal and the intangible emotion of a howling wind and pays homage to their wish to whisk their listeners away, to a world without boundaries, by means of their emotive harmonies.



These four musicians who all happened to play different instruments (you know… big guitar, small guitar, those barrels you hit), decided to play those instruments together in specific time intervals, based on a recurring pattern of musical notes, accompanied by a rhythmic pronunciation of vocal sounds that were not dissimilar to their spoken languages… classic stuff.



Needing little introduction, and making up the first half of these deck-wrecking tequila twins, is long-time legend of the SA music industry, Catherine Grenfell.

Unless you’ve been living under a Jacaranda in the Highveld, you’ll most certainly recall the effervescent presence of Catherine on 5FM, and her subsequent evolution to becoming part of the brains behind radio killing video station, The Eye.

Completing the other half of this party-hardy pair, is rum-loving, gin-sipping gypsy, Vicky Jankiewicz, who, much like the medicinal flu-balm of the similar namesake, Vicks Acta-Plus, will leave your chest feeling warm and your breathing easy.

Wielding the singing voice of an angel, and infectious spirit to match, Vicky has had much experience in the many facets of our local music community, from behind the scenes in radio, to social media and many other interesting adventures and misadventures.

Vicky Jankiewicz and Catherine Grenfell will keep the party going as #SOZLOL after all the bands have played.

There you have it the FULL line-up for Misty Waters 2020. We are super stoked for the next 55 days to fly away so that the REAL party can begin.

Check out the full line up here  – Misty Waters Music Festival

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