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Boesies Wedding Venue
Boesies Wedding Venue
Boesies @ Lake Umuzi is a hidden gem not known to many… somewhat off the beaten track. You may be forgiven if you can’t believe you are in the centre of town while relaxing around the pool.

Entrance and parking is from Lake Umuzi South bank with a short gravel road being a small price to pay for the peace and quiet away from the crowds. (No 4×4 required)

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The Bosveld Lapa restaurant is situated on the banks of the scenic Lake Umuzi Waterfront in Secunda. Its Tuscan architecture lends itself perfectly to the bushveld theme and adds to the relaxed, though classy, atmosphere the restaurant depicts.
bosveld lapa restaurant secunda interior
bosveld lapa restaurant secunda deck
Ocean Basket Secunda Prawns
Ocean Basket Secunda Platter

Modern chain restaurant with a cheerful vibe, serving up seafood, sushi and sharing platters.

Address: Shop 3, Lake Umuzi Waterfront, Kiewiet St, Secunda
Hours: 8:00 – 21:30

You may very well dwell in the past, but you can only change the future.
Dros Secunda Tables
Dros Secunda Restaurant

Dros is one of South Africa’s most loved eating, drinking and socialising hubs. Started in 1996 in Stellenbosch, Dros has fast become a South African favourite characterised by great food, good wine and a warm ambience.